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01-07-2011, 03:41 PM
Once again, a great Ask Cryptic!

Thank-you so much for answering three of my questions (and, actually, answering almost all the ones I had, really (by answering others' questions that I also had).

I'm hoping that the 2nd mini-game that will pop up in an upcoming episode won't be limited to that particular one, but it will be added to the entire game (where it is appropriate, of course), like the scanning anomalies one. Also, kind of sad panda on the poker and 3d-chess, but I can understand it (I'm more interested in the chess anyhow, but I know that the poker will come first.).

As for the Captain's Yacht and shuttles, huzzah! \o/ I am very pleased that the Yacht will have a Fed and a Klingon version, and that they will be a controllable ship, and not just a pet. I'm also looking forward to the future shuttle mechanics, and I hope to be a proud owner of a Delta Flyer soon.

The Duty Officer Roster (and, hopefully, the Senior Staff) mechanics sound awesome, and I also like the sound of more craftable/obtainable sets in the future. More awesome, though, is that we're getting more melee weapon(s) soon! I hope we get the lirpa soon (*sings the fight music from Amok Time*), but I think I'd much rather have the Ushaan-tor first, heh.

Adding diplomatic missions to the Foundry (and possibly adding new ones to the Star Cluster missions) sounds very exciting, along with branching mission objectives and dialogs. Also, the ability to make our own interiors, bases, and home planets is very cool.

I'm looking forward to the web team (Hi, Diamonds! (and others, of course) o/) updating the Captain's Database. Hopefully, the calendar, and maybe a reorganization of the C-Store web page, will get updated soon as well.

Iconians? Hellz yeah!

I hope the Guramba does make itself available by in-game means, and I'm also looking forward to the "Leaving Shipdock" sequences and more functionality for the interiors.

I am very ecstatic that you guys are working on a way to do away with the on-duty/off-duty costumes situation! (I would be able to finally alter my Tac alt's "2nd off-duty" slot I made without fear of it being pigeon-holed back into an "on-duty" slot.)

Jas- asked "Is more fleet and personal bank space being planned?", but you didn't answer him/her. I'd love to see a way to earn (or, if really need be, ... buy, sigh) extra bank space, or at least be able to have a shared bank (or more slots) between characters on an account (and make bound to character items into bound to account, maybe?)

As PF said earlier in this thread, I'm all for you making an "Ask the Cryptic Fans" thread/segment! Although I didn't make my human taller than 6'4" (okay, fine, he's 6'1", lol), I'm sure there are plenty of other questions you'd like to ask us.

Again, a very nice Ask Cryptic, and thank-you for taking the time to answer some of our questions (and thanks to all the players who submitted them as well!). I'm off to speculate as to what kind of tchotchkes you guys are dreaming up for the 1-year anniversary.