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01-07-2011, 05:09 PM
I am the type of guy that ends up making 50 characters for primarilly aesthetic value... or to min/max a build I am trying out. When I first got STO, I created an alien fed tac officer. I ran through the game, learned a lot and then created a Klingon Tac officer to see if I could do it better the second time around.

I got to about Cmdr 5 and due to lack of content (It was like 1 1/2 months from launch) on the Klingon side, I created an Engie Cruiser fed... then got tired of my Tac captain so erased her and made a sci officer... got bored of my tac Klingon, so I erased her and made a Kling sci (Still have that one, "The Reagent") then made ANOTHER alien tac captain on the fed side (Still have that one) Then ANOTHER sci fed... sigh... so on and so on...

Yeah, I have 6 full character slots... 'finished' the game (Reached max level) with 4 different fed characters and 2 Klingons... and out of all those original characters that finished the game... I have only 1. I have replayed the fed side twice through with all three officer types.

Right now, due mainly to the new weekly episodes that have come out and in anticipation of more soon... I now have 4 Klingons:
The Reagent, LtGen Sci Alien Carrier
Jattari, Cap 6 Tac Orion BoP
Cytheria, LtCmdr 3 Tac Alien Raptor (Crafter)
Hiroe, LtCmdr 7 Eng Alien Cruiser

And only 2 feds:
Lunari, RA upper Tac Alien Escort
Noriko, RA lower Eng Alien Cruiser

So counting all the characters I have leveled at LEAST to RA/BG, and enevitably deleted... I have had about 13 characters total. Thats NOT counting 2 characters (Klingons) I ended up deleting at Cmdr level due to boredom (lack of content before season 2). Nowadays though, I actually LOVE leveling my Klingons, and its only getting better!