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Please review missions based on their merits, spelling, story, flow, etc and not on systemic things the creator cannot control.

I recently received three reviews for my missions which were 2 stars. One literally said that the two star review wasn't for my mission but because of the pathing bug. And the other listed about 5 flaws, 4 of which were system related and the other due to difficulty of a particular mob. One of these was a complaint that they had to get too close in space to loot something...

These types of reviews tend to hurt people's chances of really getting their missions out there. This, were it on Holodeck, would have permanently tainted my overall scores for these missions due to things that were totally out of my control.

Please when reviewing missions do not take stars off for things creators have no control over.

Enemy Placement
Item Placement
Flow, etc.

The above are all things the creator CAN control

Pathing bugs
Your difficulty with a certain mob (number of mobs in a tight area or too many tough mobs IS a valid complaint)
Loading problems
Loot collection distances
Scanning items in space while moving isn't allowed, etc.

The above are all things out of the creators control and not things to downgrade them for.

Especially when the Foundry goes live keep this in mind because early on a bad score for something that wasn't their fault could be the difference between them getting some attention and their hardwork sinking to the bottom of a huge list never to be seen again.