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01-07-2011, 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by whitefox74654 View Post
This is directed for dstahl and Jas who recently asked a question in the Ask Cryptic about Uniforms.


Uniforms may look cool but the novelty wears off within a couple of weeks. Then we are back to people complaining about the lack of content and ships again. I speak for me as a paying C-Store customer and not the community, I am not buying another uniform. Put up something useful and I will consider it.

We have more uniforms than ships and content. The game already has almost every uniform ever made. Although I would agree with craftable uniforms in the aspect that we never hear about another uniform again. Fluff is all well and good but the game is more fluff than stuff. Many people brought up open PvP sectors, and Fleet Starbases and other tasks that should really take the forefront more than the next date night at DS9 such as End-Game.
AGREED ^^^^^^^^^^^