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My answers are in Red

I have only just returned to the game after many many months away from it. Kapla! I am a Commander 6 in rank and presently command a K'Tinga class Battlecruiser (though I have the funds for any ship available to my rank).
I am looking for a Fleet for multiple purposes. I am a easy going player that likes to do raids when I can (though I confess to being a casual player) Most of our group are casual players as well...As we all know real life comes before fun and games.

The big thing is to learn. I want to pvp, I do not pretend to know the ins and outs of the game right now as I have been gone for too long. I am looking for a fleet I can learn from in the pvp scope of things. Skill sets, best equipment and abilites, tactics etc. This of course woul require a Fleet that doesn't mind teaching a relatively new Klingon the ropes and having a little patience.Excellent....molding the ways of pvp we do help with though we don't pretend to know everything...Joining us you will also join the ranks of several BRETHREN in Arms of other fleets. We can teach the basics and best defenses/attacks for certain situations, but ultimately you will have to decide your playstyle. We can help you find what works best for you by doing either group pvp or single combat in a private match (best way to learn different playstyles). We are all real patient because no one (whatever they claim) are born Klingon nor can anyone boast to always be the best....quoting a football analagy here...on any given Sunday, any team can beat the other no matter the odds.
I do have Fed characters but really only play them for pve and have no interest in using them in the pvp arena. We have a Fed fleet and use it primarily for PVE or data bit collections mainly... we are also gearing up to use our Fed fleet as a training fleet for Klingon PVP skills vs. would be welcome to join that as well unless you are happy with any Fed Fleet you might be in.
I am a long time fan of Star Trek and specifically the Klingon culture (I had been a member of some rather serious Klingon Fan clubs in the past).

Do you do raids? By raids if you mean PVP with other groups....indeed! Not necessarily all the time but then again at any time you can again ask any of the others associated with us to join or helpout.

Do you do hard core pvp and are successful at it and if so do you mind teaching other relatively new players how? I won't pretend to be the best at PVP...their are some shining individuals who have excellent records in combat and we have some and know of many more. As this game evolves we still find new and unique tactics so in a sence we are still learning ourselves.
This one awaits your response.