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01-07-2011, 06:50 PM
Unfortunately I can't control the invincibility of NPC contacts. In certain circumstances, the NPC they need to talk to in order to complete the mission might be killed by the player themselves.

I've had some negative reviews for people who couldn't find the NPC they needed, probably because it was dead. In one case, I noticed that when they were under a confused state and could shoot friendly characters, it is possible to expose and one shot kill NPC contacts...

Another case is probably when an enemy ship warp core breaches next to an NPC contact ship.

I can also imagine someone throwing a plasma grenade at an enemy standing next to an NPC contact and burning them to death.

These things I can't control other than to move NPCs away - but sometimes even that doesn't work because you could pull enemies to them on your own.


Another thing was about crates and things in hallways on maps - I didn't make the pre-made maps and they don't let you remove things from the maps - I didn't put crates all over the place - Cryptic did!


I also got a negative review about enemy placement - you could go around the enemies and not have to kill them. But the mission objective was "avoid enemies"! It was on purpose!


This one wasn't in one of my reviews, but I saw it in someone else's mission reviews: Someone left a reivew saying that they should only have the player character beam down instead of the full away team. Except that you can't control that yet