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01-08-2011, 02:56 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
**** yeah. Someone get this man a Guinness and fly him down to Cryptic to make sure this gets done.

Maybe a few more warzones that aren't bugged?
Yes, a few more that aren't bugged with something to do in them. Like capturing nodes of some sort. The game in Ker'rat is bugged out in a lot of places and you spawn together.

The problem with the flag system is there is no fighting in sector space which will require lots of work to make it happen. Then someone at one point will flag by accident or a group leader turn it on and will have PVP forced upon them. The flag system also requires a cooldown so the PVP'ers don't exploit it.

So it's just a bunch of work that is unnecessary. When we already have a system that works when you enter certain systems to have open PVP.