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01-08-2011, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by Englebert
I really want open PVP in STO. What I mean by open PVP is a sector with open PVP systems you enter to have open PVP. Not fighting in sector space since you can't do that now. I thinking asking them to change the way sector space works is unrealistic. It would also force PVP on players who don't want to do it.

Not that I would want to flag and just fight anywhere. That just gets old fast, choosing when to enter PVP and having where it doesn't impose it on those that don't want to PVP. Is a much better option and more realistic. Because most people don't want to PVP and there is a lot of people who are just casual PVP'ers.

I hope we get a sector with open PVP in the systems. Where those who want PVP all the time can have it. Those who don't want to PVP get it imposed on them.
Again I think we can have our cake and eat it too here. You're not forcing PVP on anyone if its a choice to flag or not. You're giving them a choice. and you can still create open PVP sectors that auto flag anyone who enters for those who only want that type of gameplay.

yeah it is unrealistic to allow fighting in sector space but tagging someone could start a "DSE" like scenario dropping you both out of warp. Again I myself probably would not flag in sector space, as I am not a huge PVP fan. However this might be very attractive for those who want it.


Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
At least give us something where we're not spawning on top of each other (like Ker'rat) or that's hopelessly bugged by PvE content (like Ker'rat).
I have heard so many bad things about this place. I have actually not been there yet.