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01-08-2011, 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by Pikoy
Again I think we can have our cake and eat it too here. You're not forcing PVP on anyone if its a choice to flag or not. You're giving them a choice. and you can still create open PVP sectors that auto flag anyone who enters for those who only want that type of gameplay.

yeah it is unrealistic to allow fighting in sector space but tagging someone could start a "DSE" like scenario dropping you both out of warp. Again I myself probably would not flag in sector space, as I am not a huge PVP fan. However this might be very attractive for those who want it.
It's going to require lots of work to change the existing system. Which will cause problems and bugs just imagine the problems and anger it will cause if everyone is flagged and can't cut it off.

Then there are greifers who will get players to join their groups flag them and let their buddies playing the other faction kill them. It just brings headaches to developers and players for a system that's not that good.

Going into a PVP system to flag and fight then when you leave and return to sector space you are unflagged. This is existing and the better system in my opinion. I think it would be less work and more likely to get this type of open PVP.