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01-08-2011, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by Pikoy
Honestly I do like your idea better. Like I said I am not a major PVP'er I was just trying to make a counter argument for potentially opening all of space to open PVP.

One thing I did enjoy A LOT in WOW though was sacking the opposite factions home base. What are your thoughts and Darren's as well on Allowing a raid on Qo'nos or ESD?
I would love those types of options in ESD and Oo'nos. In WoW I defended cities all the time. I also loved to joining raids and go attack those cities.

They could possibly make PVP instances of each that players could use for banking and selling. Then some random PVP. That would actually make two good open PVP battle maps. You kill Quinn you capture ESD you kill the Chancellor you take Qo'nos. They are both instances in game now and working with NPC's.

We know PVP is already possible in ESD because of the GX bug where Klingon players entered ESD and took screen shots of them fighting the NPC's.

This could be a quick fix open PVP system for them to let us try out on Tribble. Where we could use the PVP contact and he would give you the option of defending our own station or attacking the enemies Capital. You would warp into the space and fight there or beam down the station or planet.

That is a great idea Pikoy.