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01-08-2011, 06:00 AM
I think we got an idea of the absolute minimum player base our game has. From Massively's best of article...

"Let's start off with the Best Launch of 2010. Star Trek Online walked away with 47.6% of the vote on this one, while nothing else really came close. In fact, the next-highest vote count belongs to None of the Above (shown as All Other Responses in the graph), meaning the 11,820 people who voted in this one weren't really impressed with anything else in 2010"

Just a bit under the 6k mark implies that about 5550 voted for STO. That's of the player base that would bother to go vote. I don't dare to hazard a guess of what fraction of the player base the voters represent though. I think there is some truth to that about 11000 number I heard in a Popcorn post though.