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01-08-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by jacksparrowjive55 View Post
Whether your idea is good or bad really doesnt matter. The fact of the matter is, its simply too fundamental a change to ever actually happen at this point. Cryptic is going to continue developing distinct factions with a huge content imbalance for as long as this game exists.
Thing is... I think with six to eight months spent on an overhaul like this, maybe Season 5 or 6 prepping for it and Season 7 actually launching it.

This is an NGE magnitude change but those DON'T always go badly: a good comparison would be the introduction of raids and battlegrounds in WoW which happened over a short period and were what exploded the game from under a million players in the US to two and to three million.

The payoff is, once you've done it, you can start releasing empires two or three at a time. Heck, I think that's Cryptic's goal pretty much and they're trying to make the KDF into something that can be a blueprint for that, hence PvP-based at first, then exploration, then a handful of thematic missions, then sorties. They're trying to find a way to create a template for a faction that will allow them to mass produce factions and I think they're banging their brains out trying to develop something that can be copied and reskinned into a new faction quarterly or biannually, with a team of maybe twenty people managing it.

I'm saying... The problem with that is treating KDF and Starfleet as factions rather than as classes (with the added feature of class-based, situational hostility flagging). On one hand, the extent of the conflict is un-Trek. On the other hand, even with Orion and Gorn and Nausicaans, KDF population isn't there for a "full and equal faction" and it never could be and managing how to do that is a Kobayashi Maru scenario and one that constantly leaves Cryptic wanting to tap the market for other factions but unable to because they're stuck developing a small but dedicated sub-element until "it's done" but trying to do that in a way that can be replicated rapidly and regularly once it is done.

It's like trying to make City of Heroes/Villains but with Blasters vs. Blasters with two sides of equal content built around that and constantly missing out on people who want to play Scrappers or Controllers or Masterminds or Brutes.