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Originally Posted by Valias
Also, I fail to see how independent factions are supposed to be "un-Trek" when that's exactly the situation we've had in the series since its beginning. And where exactly are things unrealistic? The Federation has always been the numerical superior faction in the Trek universe, geopolitically balanced by its unwillingness to commit to fighting wars and preferring peaceful coexistence. The situation right now is that it gets ganked by virtually every neighbor simultaneously, creating a somewhat balanced stalemate.
It absolutely is NOT what we have in the series. Same word. Different medium. Different application. Even in TOS, there was no true "Alliance/Horde" style scenario.

There is virtually no parallel between TOS Federation/Klingons and ******** Alliance/Horde, except on the most superficial level.

Klingons were one of many threats encountered. They weren't imbued with a distinct psychology that promoted fans seeing the world from their perspective until TNG practically. The first glimmers we saw of that in TOS were intended as a parallel with the Soviets, showcasing that peace with "the other" was possible.

The Horde is not "the other" in ********. Nor is The Empire in Star Wars on the other extreme.

The Empire in Star Wars are "The Bad Guys" until you get into the crazy stuff in the very late novels where they become the "fascists who were trying to save us all" vs. the "people who value freedom enough that they'd die for it."

There are no "Good Guys" in ********, just competing series of atrocities with no moral high ground but is ultimately the story of two opposing forces being played by two opposing forces (The Titans and the Old Gods).

The Klingons in Star Trek are one of many cultures used to signify ourselves. It's not dualistic. The Klingons are not the opposite number to the Federation but one of many groups which, together, are allegories for humanity, with a dream of unity tempered by the reality of the differences between us.

There is a fundamental difference between:

- Warriors and Rangers as two opposing factions in an RPG. (What we have now.)

- Warriors and Rangers being able to team up freely. (The standard, when you recognize that Klingon fans are not a larger or more important part of Trek fandom than, say, Rogue fans are in ******** fandom.)

- Warriors and Rangers are two of many classes. They ordinarily can't team up and hurt eachopther but they are simply classes with class-based factional hostility flags. (This is what I'm proposing. Effectively, empires in STO being treated as classes but with some classes unable to team certain directions outside of certain situations and, perhaps, other classes like RSE being ABLE to team with everyone else but also being able to flag hostile at a moment's notice and teamkill... and being unable to enter Klingon space.)