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01-08-2011, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
I see.

Does not make me think any better of it. I really dislike the idea of alliances switching virtually every hour. Might just be because I'm a roleplayer, but I generally appreciate a sense of consistency in my game. The current situation in Omega Leonis is okay and can be expanded upon for more teamwork between the factions, but it is only okay because it is limited to a single area and an overwhelming threat. If you apply this kind of thinking across the board we can just as well trash the entire idea of a war, and PvP with it, and have every faction be best friends with each other.
I guess the thing is, I'm not suggesting teaming.

I'm suggesting KDF and Starfleet beam down to the same planet. They encounter the same situation. (Missions shouldn't be granted by superiors beyond a "go here and check this out" generally in the Star Trek IP. Missions are dictated by the situation and general rules you'll be held to after the fact, not by explicit orders.) That doesn't mean that they team, necessarily, or even share the same instance.

There are situations like Omega Leonis where they do team. And when they do, I tend to think Klingons shouldn't be Federation with a red UI. They should be running the same content (together, when it threatens mutual survival, part when it doesn't) but the content should play out differently. Almost the way it is with weeklies but not quite far enough with it.

I'm not sure, frankly, that KDF or Romulans should have the same abilities as Feds. The skills trees should be flavored. There should be buffs and nerfs which make the factions play differently at a mechanical level.

And when they DO team up, zone chat should read, "Klingon LFG Infected, looking for a group with a Tholian, a Cardassian and two Federation."

I'm not arguing against Klingons having factional parameters (ie. always flagged hostile to Romulans, generally hostile to Federation). But I'm saying to define them as a class with factional parameters rather than a faction with three largely similar classes.