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01-08-2011, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by VVargazm
That's just splitting hairs. They made the statement that you would not have to pay for game altering items to easy fears of people being forced to pay to experience the full game. Yet at start up the situation was just that. That you were buying these items outside the C-store does matter much. And led me to believe those were going to be the type of things we'd see in the store from time to time.

And to say gimmicks are not related to the store and don't matter means you wouldn't have a problem if they started giving the Excelsior refit away with new subscriptions. Or worse new items with larger effects you can't even get in the store for new subs.
I never said that they didn't matter, I said that they were never referenced at all. Find me a game that does not have pre-order or store specific bonuses in the past few years. They all have them and have had for quite a long time. That is not splitting hairs, that is simply a fact of life and has been common practice in the industry for years. We can only comment specifically on what was said specifically.