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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Heres the problem: unless those "classes" have their own unique stories that make them who they are, then theres no point in having more than one(if their all doing the same thing). But as we can already see, its not possible for Cryptic to create a balanced amount of faction(or class) specific content, so even in your system the Fed class would have more Fed themed content than any other class.
The uniqueness should come in gameplay, IMHO.

You have a planet. That planet has a problem. It has certain NPCs in certain places doing certain things. Your faction should determine how you interact with that problem. Creating a different problem for every faction is counterproductive to the goal of as many factions with as much content as possible at a relatively rapid rate.

At the heart of it, Star Trek Captains don't spend their time on their own faction's turf running errands. They spend most of their time in neutral or hostile space acting as a free agent of their faction, with broad discretionary powers but with constraints on how they address the problem.

You don't get sent somewhere to do X, Y, and Z. You get sent somewhere with a problem and are expected to figure out a solution for yourself.

I don't think having to develop full and unique content for each faction makes sense, especially when they should be encountering the same situations at the same places.

As split as the fandom is, spending too long on developing a faction doesn't make sense. There has to be a rewarding way to procedurally generate them rather than have to go through and place mobs and write text for every faction. The factions' fanbases are too small to justify that and yet, taken together, offering something for everyone is better than what we have.

As a for iinstance, my assumption is that the weeklies are designed with the idea that all new factions will play the exact same mission with new text. Cardassians and Romulans will also be fighting Devidians on Drosana and disguising their ship as a Bird of Prey and aiding the Deferi and uncovering the Preservers. The point of these missions is to start building up library content for everyone, so that Cryptic can crank out factions faster... and most the development on the KDF side is trying to design a template that can be copied for other factions.