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01-08-2011, 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I'm not suggesting copying another game. I'm using other games to describe how this one already works and saying it needs to be less like other games.

Bottom line, let's say the goal is six factions by the end of 2012. The goal is non-negotiable and you don't get to hire more developers or generate content faster than it's being generated. How do you do that?
Ultimately as negative as i am regarding the game and it's current state, I trust Cry...actually i trust dstahl, to make the right decisions about how to improve the game. So far he's doing a pretty decent job. Sure there's stuff i disagree with and think is a waste of time (Foundry for one) but ultimately he has access to info i don't and at the end of the day all i can do is offer my input on what is currently being worked on when it's appropriate.

Expecting me to come up with ideas on how to generate content for a ficticous6 factions by 2012 is not even worth entertaining. I'm not an armchair game dev and have no interest in being one. At the end of the day i want a fun game that's true to it's source material and constantly moving forward gameplay and systems wise. While STO has plenty of work to do, it's done that for the most part since it's launch.