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01-08-2011, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
The uniqueness should come in gameplay, IMHO.

You have a planet. That planet has a problem. It has certain NPCs in certain places doing certain things. Your faction should determine how you interact with that problem. Creating a different problem for every faction is counterproductive to the goal of as many factions with as much content as possible at a relatively rapid rate.
So every single mission should take place in some nuetral location? Because it wouldnt make sense for Klingons to be doing missions in Fed space and vice versa. The problem is if you try to design a mission that can be played by everyone, its going to be super generic and not actually feel like your really a Fed, or Klingon(or Rom, or whatever other faction your talking about). For example, I just played the first weekly series on my KDF. While the missions themselves were very well made and I was definitely glad to have something to do on my Klingon, I have to admit it didnt really seem like something a Klingon would be doing. It just felt way too diplomatic, helping the Defari and all.