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01-08-2011, 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by QE2
yeah..umm you know a lot of us here have been watching trek and playing games from the beginning ya know. It doesn't mean we are decrepid and useless eh? LOL ok when i say "from the start" i am referring to games...i was right there for the zx81 and the binatone man. And as far as trek I was watching kirk and spock on reruns when i was 8 years old lol. so i dont think you need to look at comments as "claims" LOL thats very untrusting. Trek bring in a diverse age star wars kinda does.

As far as the numbers voting and the numbers playing the game. LOL it's that big secret thats annoying so many people. Cryptic wont tell you thier secret..and it's driving some people nuts haha now we have people coming ourt with all these different( and more and more irrational) ways of GUESSING the player base!! give it up!!! if you knew you would only read into it what you wanted to..the numbers would mean something different to everyone and it would only change the debate and not stop it.

I dont know why i made this of those times when playing shouls have superceded typing..sigh...i fail
Sorry I just wanted to give a little depth to the post I originally a little depth. Hells bells I was teethed on TOS reruns nigh near thirty eight years ago. Which is why I am confused by your post.