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01-09-2011, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post your entire argument here, is that since it seemed dishonest to you from the start, nobody should be complaining?.
Actually this argument has been going in circles a bit so I'm glad you asked. I wouldn't say it seemed dishonest from the start to me. But it did seem like small, or what I consider small in game effects were going to be seen in the store. So when new races with new traits went up on the store I didn't think it was a big deal. Then when a lot of the pre order stuff went in the store I figured that was to be expected as that happens often with pre order items for a lot of games a few months after release. Then the Galaxy X comes along, and people gaming the referral system caused it to end up in the store. I didn't think that was a problem because it seemed like the first refits that you can get for free made up for the abilities that ship had and they were added to the game in the month. Then when the Excelsior hit the store I thought you can get it for free at T3 seems fair to me. Though I was tempted to buy the T5 version, what I wanted was the Excelsior skin and the abilities weren't a big draw for me. I know a lot of people are upset about that LC Tac slot, but I believe the ship loses a LC eng slot to 'pay' for it so I don't see a big problem with the ship other then a price that sits outside my comfort zone for a virtual item. That's the mindset I'm coming from with all this with.

My argument is that a lot of the people complaining are hypocrites and buy the items they rage about. Or they have co opted this argument of game effect in the store just because they don't like the idea of a store in a pay to play game. And the last group of people who honestly feel mislead into buying this game have spent the better part of a year rallying against this treatment, and for what? So you could get a turn around on one ship? I just don't think if you feel these people outright lied to you in an effort to get your money that ranting about it over and over again on these forums is ever going to get you the result you want.

Yeah there's been one back peddle here, but just as you said Jax, what about the T5 Excelsior? Will speaking out change that policy? Will we see all the alien races with new abilities go free to all? Will everyone have a free Borg BO in their inventory if people just make one more thread complaining about them? How much is enough? How long is to much time to waste on a game studio you feel this negatively about? A few days ago I saw a thread asking what people want to see in the game in 2011. Your reply was Integrity. Do you think you are going to see that this year? Is there hope for your cause?

I don't think you are going to see the changes you are hoping for. Because I don't believe the changes need to be made. I don't think cryptic is a bunch of liars and thieves looking to fleece people that are to loyal to anything star trek for there own good. Also I would expect a game studio that would directly intend to lie to people about their plans for micro transactions would also wait longer until they had a larger player base before they started screwing people over. That way the developers could reap more profit as they twirl their mustaches in their big evil chairs while they pet a himalayan cat and laugh maniacally from the secret underwater base they and the cryptic henchmen call home.