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01-09-2011, 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by thethanatos View Post
I never said that they didn't matter, I said that they were never referenced at all. Find me a game that does not have pre-order or store specific bonuses in the past few years. They all have them and have had for quite a long time. That is not splitting hairs, that is simply a fact of life and has been common practice in the industry for years. We can only comment specifically on what was said specifically.
Well what is also common practice is selling those pre order items to the rest of the player base a few months after launch. No they did not specifically say that those items would end up for sale or not. But at launch I assumed like every other game that I've played that had pre order items they would go up for sale, and that the C-store would be the place they went up for sale. Now what does that equal? Come on now! Say it with me!


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