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01-09-2011, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by VVargazm
As for the rest of your post, you've actually made some good points about how Guramba is different then the Galaxy X. I can understand how the pricing may surprise some people when it first hit the store. And if I follow what you are saying here then you wouldn't be upset if the Guramba hit the store for the same price as the refits.

That maybe the part I'm have trouble following. See I think all the ships are over priced, I just don't understand spending that kind of money on a virtual ship.
Let me explain on this one, and it is just a personal opinion, so there is only my own and no common logic included.

As is see it the monthly subscriber fee one has to pay to play MMORPGs hasn't changed alot in the last 10 years. It may be enough money if you are Blizzard with a subscriber base of millions of ppl, not to mention the millions of game boxes they sell. But as we can see it is not enough for the smaller MMO dev-teams / publishers, whenever a small new MMO starts we can see them struggle because of the development costs what leads to lower quality and lesser content than the big ones have. With STO we may have a special case because they have alot of copyright costs.

So one day i decided for myself that i'm willing to accept features like the c-store to generate more income for small MMO-teams like Cryptic, because they need this money to create new content and such .. but somewhere , in my opinion , they have to draw the line .. as i explained there was the Gal-X and it was the great excemption to me. With the pricing of the Guramaba they have lost the balance in the pricing in my very own opinion. I personaly think that 1200cp for a new ship is where i draw the line of balance. It's also expensive, but we have seen Cryptic put alot of work into STO in the last year and so i have the feeling that i see where my money is going. BUT $25 for another ship on the c-store -- never.