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01-09-2011, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I know how to mod the music. Thing is, I actually modded my game with actual Trek music I had. My title screen plays the Generations theme and I have the DS9 music at DS9.

If someone has a public domain recording they'd recommend replacing music with or an original composition, I'd make a mod for download.

Likewise, I maintain it would be simple for GNP to market an add-on pack for the same price as an album, assuming everything could be negotiated. It's simply a different file format but is still the selling of music for personal users for their own listening.
i am interested in knowing how i can DL or load up the ST music i want, then have it play at the times i want. example: confrontation scenes. i want to load music akin to battle tempo and pumping, not slow or off beat. then when i am just cruising or at ESD, i want the more mellow, but trek stuff.

i know i can load my own ipod and hit play,but can i refine the times and types played when i want them without going to the ipod and finding the track i want?

sorry, i have nto looked into this option very much so i am just asking out of the blue.

Originally Posted by Walshicus
I don't actually know which track you're talking about; I've not heared anything close to opera in this game since the Beta.
ditto really. the times it (the music) is playing, i just seem to ignore it anyway. often i am playing in silent mode or have music on elsewhere.