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01-09-2011, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Delsaber View Post
So, has anyone found a way to add new music to STO without losing the existing in-game cues? Aside from also being firmly in the "that one opera track is pretty annoying" camp, I'd also like to add the official music which Cryptic is currently unable to add themselves, plus a bunch of stuff from other Trek games, such as Legacy.

I could've sworn DStahl or Coderanger posted something about this ages ago (perhaps even on the pre-launch forums) but I can't find it now.
see i thought this was the case as well. i thought there was discussion of allowing people to load their own music and have certain batched of music play for certain actions. (i.e. a certain file will play random songs within then engaged with the enemy, and another file plays when spending time at ESD)

but maybe that was just me doing wishful thinking...