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01-09-2011, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Pendra37 View Post
Ok, now I'm ****ed on a grand scale. I looked past the 1 CTD out of every 4 preview run, but that is just insane.
I clicked on the importable objects because I wanted to check that option out. It created an other version of the Demon Planet mission, but didn't import anything. No map, no costumes, no story nothing.
I figured that having 2 missions with the same name will be a little confusing, I decided to delete the duplicate project. Since it has the same name as the live mission, I made extra sure that I select the correct project for deletion.
I hit delete and guess what happened?


I quickly went to my bank account and tested if selecting Cryptic billing and clicking the Block button would block the transaction of an other destination. But nope, it blocked exactly the one I selected.
Luckily, I have a way to unblock the destination. I sure hope that there is also a way to recover the mission ID: ST-TIYJOFZRI to account name Pendra80.

And no redoing it is not an option until you add an option to use absolute height instead of relative only.
I can't remember if that happened to me before. I tried importing one of my projects to see if it would duplicate but I don't think I wanted it afterwards and tried to delete it.

I think I made sure I renamed it so that I could definitely see which one the duplicate was.