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01-09-2011, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
A few less tactical drones in the shield gate spawn, a few additional respawn points, and maybe 1 less shield gate would go a long way toward improving playability. Like I said, as it is I'm scarred for life.
Yup, changes like this would improve them. The way I see it, there are three main problems with STFs:

1. Too much filler/trash, not enough meat. Things like how many shield gates, how many generators, just how much trash there is Infected.

2. No attention paid to the learning curve. The simple fact is that STO does not encourage grouping. So when many players hit this content, it is a major obstacle. They just don't have a clue how to function as a team. Note that this isn't necessarily the fault of the first STF, but rather of the game as a whole. I'd like to see rewards for playing missions scale majorly based on team size, in a way similar to raising difficulty (higher drop rates, more xp per kill). Get people wanting to play in teams more often. Likewise, rework the rewards and improve the Fleet actions so people have a reason to do and will be more inclined to do them.

3. For end game content to work, it needs to encourage players to run it repeatedly. STFs fail in this regard. Before the borg set, there was no real reason to run the STFs. Currently, there is only a reason to run them once. In a universe where I can get purples in most slots easy with crafting and emblems, why bother to play the STFs?

The various ones reinforce each other as well. The first, for example, makes many people consider the missions to be less fun, which in turn means they are less inclined to run it repeatedly, so ties to number three. Because many people are not inclined to run them repeatedly, you wind up with less groups that consist of mostly experienced players, which impacts number two. Because number two gives many people bad experiences in STFs, they are less inclined to want to play them again.

So, the short of it, STFs are fail due to a combination of their own design, the loot system (that needs a major revamp, imo), and the lack of encouragement of group play throughout the game.

Difficulty, however, only really factors into the learning curve aspect. And that I blame mostly because earlier content doesn't encourage learning simple grouping lessons.