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01-09-2011, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by Trekker1960
I understand about Song of the South. I think it should be released for historical reasons (just as I oppose censoring "Birth of A Nation" ) despite the racist overtones. But I'm aware of those racist overtones. They're disgusting, but those were important films. I'm not seeing anyone trying to stop sales of "Gone With The Wind" DVDs. From what I hear, the portrayal of blacks in that film was worse than SOS.

I've never seen "Lion King."

But c'mon! Aplle Dumpling Gang! There's nothing bad there. Good clean wholesome fun--and really funny!
Honestly I don't care if SOS is released or not. I personally find it repugnant, but admittedly, it may be because I grew up with a lot of racist crap thrown in my face. I guess I'm a bit sensitive about it. I've never seen Birth of a Nation or The Apple Dumpling Gang. Heck, my wife was appalled when I told her I had never seen the Goonies. (She went out, bought it and made me watch it).

But movies so bad they're fun to watch...heeheee...try "Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate". Or "Tougher than Leather" (with Run DMC!!!). Wait, don't try them...both of those movies sucked. But believe you me, if you watch Killjoy bring a friend a 6 pack.

Or try Future War or Space Mutiny. I saw both w/o the MST3K treatment....but if you watch the MST3K versions, they will soften the blow.