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# 1 Looking For Fleet
01-09-2011, 11:07 PM
Yes, another one of those! Hurrah!

I'm, quite obviously - looking for a fleet. I'm in the UK Timezone, but playing around the weekend mostly means timezones are kind of irrelevant. I'm 21 in all but 12 days, so, fairly mature age-wise.. as for attitude.. well, wouldnt want to ruin this already, would i? .

In short, I'm looking for a decent fleet to run STF's and do all that sort of thing with. PvP when I feel like exploding, a bit of RP when the mood takes me, etc etc. I like to chat, though I may not say much - so voice chat is always a good bonus. Things like that really..

Kind of annoyed with running missions at the moment with people who have no clue what they are doing, mostly .

I've been out of the game since Feb 2010, so relearning alot as I go, but - pushed myself upto VA and .. here I am .. ranting.

Anyway - Caewyr@Caulintir ingame - Mails, messages, etc as you prefer. Forum Pm's are great too. Will, of course, edit this post if i find anything!