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01-10-2011, 01:23 AM
Originally Posted by Caulintir View Post
Yes, another one of those! Hurrah!

I'm, quite obviously - looking for a fleet. I'm in the UK Timezone, but playing around the weekend mostly means timezones are kind of irrelevant. I'm 21 in all but 12 days, so, fairly mature age-wise.. as for attitude.. well, wouldnt want to ruin this already, would i? .
Hello Caulintir.

The {UFP} is very active during peak GMT hours on weekdays and for the reasons you touched on, during much of the weekend too, so you shouldn't have difficulty reaching people during your particular gaming hours.

Originally Posted by Caulintir View Post
In short, I'm looking for a decent fleet to run STF's and do all that sort of thing with. PvP when I feel like exploding, a bit of RP when the mood takes me, etc etc. I like to chat, though I may not say much - so voice chat is always a good bonus. Things like that really..
We try to provide for a variety of events via our Event Co-ordinators, and our member's interests are quite diverse.
Our TeamSpeak 3 channel is an excellent resource, for gaming, general chat or admin comms (if applicable). You'll find our channel is also quite active (our stats:

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Kind of annoyed with running missions at the moment with people who have no clue what they are doing, mostly .
Yea I know where you're coming from with that, that's always a great plus point with a communicative fleet. Also when you get to know people, if things do go wrong it's better to have a laugh about it with mates than get stressed with strangers and ruin the experience.
In the "Task Force" I run (one of our optional 5 man team set ups in the fleet) the advantage of course in doing STFs in a fleet, is even if someone needs to drop out or the general consensus is to leave it for now, you can always arrange a time to come back to it and pick up where you left off... something you really can't do on a public basis.

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I've been out of the game since Feb 2010, so relearning alot as I go, but - pushed myself upto VA and .. here I am .. ranting.
You're definitely not alone in this situation, we've recruited a fair number of people hearing about the vast improvements that have happened to STO, certainly in more recent times and are feeling like getting back into it.

We try to make sure everyone is having fun and feel they are involved, and of course where we occasionally fail (as no institute is perfect), we're always open to, and in fact actively encouraging feedback, constructive criticism, and proposals to make our fleet better - and provide facilities to do this via.

If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me (John Hathaway@Hathaway), or visit our website at

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