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01-10-2011, 05:55 AM
Originally Posted by 2007-2007

I have been playing STO for a while now but disappointed to find any good fleets. Some of them are just playing the numbers game over member satisfaction. Others are lead by immature people who are just driven by self ego and not cooperating with the social common of the fleet.

A great fleet should encourage active members' participation and cooperation among themselves where no single individual is more important than others.

This is what I'm looking for: mature, very active and medium size fleet. I'm looking to be a productive member and be involved in PVP's and fleet actions. Even willing to help establish a new fleet. PM me for details.

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Hi Frankie,

May I suggest you give the 12th Fleet a look? We have a very active community with people from around the world playing and usually there are always people on. We run very regular STF's and doing fun things like organize Runabout PVP tournaments

I've been with them for a month and they are all very friendly and relaxed, which is nice. Check out our website to see if the 12th Fleet would be right for you: