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01-10-2011, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
When i just logged onto tribble in the review section where the missions are, right in the middle of the list it came up with 'your search has too many results'

I have no idea if that is working as intended or not or if the limit needs to be upped. Ideally I would imagine everybody's mission should be showing, and even with filters for mission star grades as more and more people add missions that might all get filled up, cutting off some peoples missions from view even using a filter.

Either way the text is not in the best place in my opinion.
I've encountered tihis too - and if it happens on Tribble (which has a SMALL subset of users, when teh Foundry hits Holodeck, I can only imagine how large the lists will get; and it's going to be bad for missions waiting in the 'In Review' section becasue, as you know, not everyone reads the Forums and other sites, so 'promoting' any 'in review' mission would have limited eggects and it would suck for a newly made mission to NEVER have the chance of a Review because it never showed up on the 'In Review' browse list.

I really think that's an element of teh Foundry review system that's being neglected. The 'User Authored Content' search UI is very full featured, but the 'Review Content' search UI is VERY 'bare bones' - and given a new mission will need to get multiple reviews before it's promoted to 'User Authored Content'; it's search UIU should be equally full featured with categories that are in line with teh 'review' function. Hell, I wish we could come up with a Cryptic sponsored was to promoye missions in game, without being either overly intrusive or spammy.