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01-10-2011, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Davinnio View Post
The normal loot, like [Positron Deflector Array Mk X [Em] [ST] [Spa]] 90,000 credits, you can sell to vendor, iic.

But the assimilated stuff you can not and I think that is wise. You get them everytime you complete a STF mission. Now there are players that do all STF missions everyday and if they sell the assimilated stuff everyday to vendor each for 90k, well, they will be very rich in STO in no time...
Then why put the value of 180,000 credits if it's not allowed to be sold to anyone or a vendor?? Why not make it 0 like some other Bound stuff... And yeah, i think i would deserve that 90,000 credits after busting my butt for 2-3 hours playing Any of the STF

Just curious that's all.. Thanks for your input everyone..