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01-10-2011, 04:38 PM
I too would like to see all the pre-release/bonus items in the C-Store.

I purchased a Lifetime Subscription, Amazon Collector's Edition, Del Taco Promo, and the Deluxe Digital Download. These unlocked the following:
Player Race: Liberated Borg
Bridge Officer: Amazon Borg Engineer
Device: Red Matter Capacitor
Uniform: DS9
Uniform: TNG Series
Pet: Type-8 Starfleet Shuttlecraft
Console: Automated Defense Turret
Emote: Blood Wine
Emote: KHAAAN!
Player Race: Joined Trill
Special: NX Ship Registry Prefix
Uniform: TOS
I don't mean to brag, only to say that I have made quite an investment, and have no resentment that these items are all (mostly) available in the C-Store now. I literally support it! I found the WoK Uniform Code in the wild on the Intarwebs and got that free that way, but when the Big C-Store Update came on June 15, 2010 I added the following to my unlocks:
Ship: TOS Constitution Class Cruiser
Tribble: Best Buy Rivera
Uniform: MU
Later, I bought the Pet: Targ when I made my first KDF character.
I earned the Fluidic Tribble for free, but I missed out on the Tribble of Borg Test Weekend, so was happy to purchase that when it was released on the C-Store in Sep 2010.

I do not have these items:
Light Phaser Turret Satellite Launcher
Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
Neodymium Deflector Dish
Radiometric Converter Console
TR-116A Carbine Phaser Rifle
I would buy them all if they were made available in the C-Store. I know it is an unfortunate burr in some players' hides, but I like the C-Store. I've purchased most of the things in there, all the skins, bridges, costumes, races, etc. I've purchased the Enterprise pack and the Excelsior, but $15 is my limit (and that's pushing it). So no Gal-X or Gumby for me (the latter, maybe if dstahl gets his way, the former only if I can get three more referrals). The other ships I can get in-game if I wanted them. I've purchased many costume slots and I'd love to buy more BO and Ship slots if each purchase unlocked for the whole account (instead of per character), so I've boycotted those.

The point being that I can support the C-Store/Game, but I also control my spending and choose where my dollar goes based on my percieved value of any given item. It would please me to have The Phaser Satellite, Multi-Spatial Shield, Neodymium Dish, Radiometric, and the TR-116A.