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01-10-2011, 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by Wilv View Post
What exactly was the "debacle" w/ the Troi costume except that SOME people were expecting it to be more than what it was?
Okay, stop. You're reading things into my post that I didn't put there. Please ratchet down the vitriol and try again...

The Troi uniform itself looks like crap. That's my main definition of "debacle". If you don't agree, that's your right, but there are plenty of people who simply don't like the way it looks, and I'm one of them. End of story as far as my post.

The AGT screenshots show something that looks pretty darn good so far, and that's a promising start. They're a bit dark in the wrong places so it's hard to see the pants. And the Troi uniform looked better in the few screenshots we got beforehand, as compared to the actual product.

And the biggest point: I'm not doubting, and in fact I wasn't even criticizing anything to do with the AGT uniforms. I was just saying "take your time and get it right" as opposed to the rush of people that were chanting "hurry hurry hurry".

In fact, if you'll look around at some other subjects, I've usually been one of the defenders of the devs and how hard of a job they have. The Troi thread is the exception to that.

So off the high horse, son. That's not needed here.

Sorry for the late reply. I've had a busy week or so. No intent to necro...