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01-10-2011, 04:54 PM
They're aiming to start Series 3 by end of January. Series 4 will be before Season 4 (April).

It is widely assumed that Series 3 will be featuring the Romulans:
1) Dstahl said it'll be --------. Note that while Iconians or Tholians both fit the 8-letters, Iconians are coming when they raise level cap to Fleet Admiral and Tholians are slated for post-Season 4.
2) Previously stated new dailies were soon going to be in either Romulan or Cardassian space
3) The Concierge at Captain's Table has a message from the future regarding Romulans -- just as she previously gave a heads up about the Breen (Series 1)

Additionally, remastered episodes are being made to serve as fillers between the featured episode series.