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01-10-2011, 05:23 PM
How long can I leave the item up on the exchange?

If I'm only willing to take 20M for the BO, then I'll just jack my price up to something over 21M. Will that make you more likely to buy it?

And what is an obscene price? I've purchased two BOs for 5M each to get a specific skill. It was worth it to me. Is that an obscene price? What is an obscene price in a system that rains EC down on you just for participating?

A BO listed at 20M isn't really for sale - in my opinion - and is just there for storage purposes. The fee will discourage storage, and the BO will be taken off the exchange instead of being listed for the fee. The end result for people actually looking to buy a BO for less than "obscene" prices is that they won't have to look at any of them on the exchange.

Finally, I'm curious. Did you list the BO and at what price? Would you change the price if you had to pay the fee? If you had the fee AND a time limit, would you list at a lower price and chance not selling it, or would you wait until you were sure of your price? This is what makes real world economics so much fun.