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01-11-2011, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
[frame rate, blah blah]

Consider this a free benchmark tool that is telling you to upgrade your graphics capabilities
ok, so i should throw away my i7 and dual 460 SLI rig... yeah...

It's not a matter of upgrading software. If you run Nvidia cards you will get stuttering or lag from certain effects, with ATI you will get the same problems from other effects. Only way to avoid it is to turn off the pretty grf settings.

That said...

Quit whining! Who cares if you get lag in non-combat situation? It's not like you are loosing anything or getting killed because of it? I do not feel griefed at all by those throwing the grenades, but i feel VERY griefed by those who will not stop whining! So who are the real griefers?