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01-11-2011, 06:32 AM
Well, not exactly.

What I was proposing was that Azlesza not actually be physically moved from it's current location, but that they "modify" the borders which would make it accessible from Gamma Orionsis.

I'm uncertain of how it works, but I think you put a "dialogue placemarker" at the border to sector space, which has a programming code something like this (I'm making it up based on my knowledge of how it appears to work).
Assuming this is a KDF specific placemarker, the hypothethical code would look something like this:

CheckFaction=Federation/Klingon Defense Force
Warp To Azlesza Expanse
Warp To Azlesza Expanse (LG)
"You have not been cleared for operations in this sector"

This code appears to trigger at certain places where you can "cross the border" into certain sectors of space.

Considering it's apparent simplicity, it should be a simple matter to place one of these Sector Transfer points on one of the borders of Gamma Orionsis.

Asleza would have to be adjusted to have two entry points however, one from KDF home space and another to Gamma Orionsis.

And they'd have to insert extra coding to "block" KDF travelling to Gamma Orionsis by using the other exit to go there before they were allowed to.
Maybe by linking it to the same mission that unlocks the Transwarp Gate, if you haven't taken the mission, you can't go to Gamma Orionsis.