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01-11-2011, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
start makign a ruckus in the channel, im sure some feds will join you. hell ill even fly with u as klingon in a f+k mashemup challenge game (loads of fun) glad to hear of your positive experiences.. keep on keeping on man
Thanks, Its pretty fun to get into a FvK, and see some of the people who frequent the channel. I'll admit to trying to "hunt" a few, sometimes successfully, often not, but it makes if more fun to identify people with their in-game avatars, and go against some of the more "famous" pvpers in the game. (K'eg is a handful btw)

I've even created a Klingon to learn better tactics on te side tat practices them more often. Maybe I'll get to fly with you sooner than you tink, lol.