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01-11-2011, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by Moonwind
Perhaps I also have to agree with Axterix before me here about the whole teaming situation. My fleet is mostly made up of ex-military or current military so we know the importance of teams and their functionality. We came into this knowing that and reaped the benifit's of it.
Sadly I see so many new people just going on their own to do missions. So many who cant function as a team because they all have the mentality of if I do more DPS I dont need to worry about healing, or If I can heal I can be a tank. They will have to be the forst to realize I need to learn some more about all this or be left behind like the current situation with the STF's.
Im going to break this down the way I saw it. First off the comment about PUG's is totally untrue. If a PUG comes together and plans out the strategy instead of running in where angels fear to tread they will do alright or at least learn something for the next time. Always learn about the situation and what you can do to prepare for it. Try to team up whenever your doing something (could be more fun). And of course the thing I cant stress enough...Learn Learn Learn. Everything you do in the game is a learning experience. Sit back and look at a situation objectively, Identify Priority threats and targets and plan your attack before making it. Always take advantage of all of your teams powers and abilities. If your a medic move to the rear of the group and focus on healing not tanking...unless you have lots of experience with this. Always focus fire (Ever see an elite drone go down in 2 seconds flat?). Dual repel rifles works wonders for keeping borg off and away from you. And finally...Learn!!
Again I'm sorry that was long winded and I hope everyone understands what I was trying to say here. Thats my collections of tips for PUGers trying to do an STF. I hope they help at all. My last piece of advise would be to find a good fleet, one who does events together like the STF's to gain the knowledge and experience you need to do any mission sucessfully as part of a team. Perhaps you'll even take a second look at your BO's and how you use them on the ground.
I'm not trying to be rude but you're missing the point entirely. You're not the first person to write the same group-group-blah-blah on these forums in response to a legitimate complaint about STFs. The biggest misconception on these boards is that PUGs don't communicate or somehow a strategy fails to occur to them, which are both just plain wrong. There's just too much spawn/trash in the first place, specifically in The Cure.