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01-11-2011, 10:02 AM
I'm just a noob, but myself and a team from the fleet I joined attempted to do not only Infected but also The Big Dig. It wasn't "hard", but it was incredibly freaking frustrating. It was almost like World War I, where we literally fought hard and coordinated only to gain like a meter before we got overwhelmed and had to start over. I shouldn't have to feel like Napoleon or Hitler, to use an analogy, having waves thrown at me, waves of insanely fast and ridiculously overpowered Borg. Every time we were optimistic about moving forward, the Borg would shoot out their assimilation tubule and cause us to freeze, before having the health get sucked away.

And The Big Dig was somewhat the same, only this time it's Romulans and Remans instead of Borg, but again, wave after wave of these things.

So, no, it wasn't hard. Just incredibly frustrating and fun-sucking. I have yet to try an STF again.