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# 3 The Foundry
01-11-2011, 12:51 PM
At this point the Foundry is the best hope for great Klingon-only episodes. I too recently did the Fek'hiri missions and thought they were among the game's best. Too bad they didn't get more for the early ranks so there was a direct levelling path. But that means the Foundry for now is the best resource to give the KDF a levelling path early on. We have some fanatical KDF players (the type who dress up as Klingons at cons, for example) who I hope prove to have the skills to make great missions from that point of view.

My main worry though is with a limit of 8 missions total people will mostly make them Feds because 88% of the playerbase will be eligible to play those while 12% are eligible for the KDF ones. I would be more likely to make missions that could get a 4x bigger potential audience. Maybe they'll let people get 8 missions for Feds and another 8 just for KDF, and that would fix this problem.

People will play KDF if there is enough great missions to play through. The ships are awesome; it's the lack of content that makes levelling one up a chore. I only this week got my first general on the KDF side and I have 6 Fed vice admirals. And it was a grind, repeating missions over and over to get there. Since there are not the resources at Cryptic to do KDF missions along with the Featured episodes, it is left to the community to make the KDF a compelling experience. I hope we're up to the challenge.