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# 9 I'ts not superstition
01-11-2011, 01:32 PM
It's not superstition if the Klingon afterlife is real. Episodes from the series set this afterlife as real and canon so having missions in Gre'thor is real too. I just call it another dimension for that sci-fi feel. Having Klingon souls go there stretches science as we know it, but if it's canon then I guess we just accept that Klingons can and do go there.

It is true that these episodes don't really fit other KDF races. Of course a lot of dialogue doesn't really sound right coming out of the mouth of an Orion female or a Gorn or Nausicaan either, but I try to rationalize that by having "culture drift" from the Klingons to their client states. Once conquered, the Gorn tend to adopt Klingon speech and customs, for example.

I agree with the OP who thought we should then have a Gorn and Orion arc, etc. to flesh out those races too. It will take the Foundry to do that unless Cryptic decides to make new episodes featuring them later.