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Originally Posted by Shakkar View Post
It's not superstition if the Klingon afterlife is real. Episodes from the series set this afterlife as real and canon so having missions in Gre'thor is real too.
What exactly are you referring to? The only episodes I recall were extremely vague about the entire subject (remember B'Elanna was essentially dreaming) - and if only your soul went to Gre'thor I don't see how you can explain coming back with a new sword, which obviously is a physical thing, not to mention that the Fek'ihri invading Qo'noS were very real.

It is my opinion that Klingon legend is 50% truth and 50% exaggeration, distorting possibly real historical events in the same way as Earth religion did until they became things that cannot be rationally explained.

Did you know that an early draft for the "Soldiers of the Empire" episode of DS9 had the crew of the Rotarran rediscover Gre'thor as a place existing in reality, something that was simply forgotten and replaced by myth over time?

Originally Posted by Shakkar View Post
I agree with the OP who thought we should then have a Gorn and Orion arc, etc. to flesh out those races too. It will take the Foundry to do that unless Cryptic decides to make new episodes featuring them later.
It will be a long time until the Foundry is capable of producing anything close to such "professional" missions, sadly. :/