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01-11-2011, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Telbasta
-Open up the Mercenary set from the c-store for KDF captains to use.
I am okay with this.

-Open nausicaan armor options for males of any KDF species (klingon, gorn, orion, lethean, or alien). At the very least the nausicaan gauntlets, sleeveless jacket, bracers, armored boots, and shoulderpads should be available for others, I can see the reason why thy chest armor and bladed boots might be restricted since they're so much larger than other pieces.
No. Open them up for Aliens only, or not at all. Give the other races more unique clothing options; they deserve it.

-Open up orion uniform options for all KDF species. The female orion clothing should be usable on any female KDF character, and the male orion clothing (minus the head bolts and such) should be available to any male KDF character.
Again, no. Open them up for Aliens only, or not at all. Let them make new race-specific items.

Honestly, if they don't open up race-specific items for Aliens, they need to make Alien-specific items; it doesn't make any sense for other races to be allowed to run around in their native gear while Aliens get nothing but standard issue KDF armor.

And past that note, could we get the Orion clothing available for federation offduty uniforms? =P
I'd be fine with this if they did the "limited to Risa" thing that was suggested, though I'd rather they make new swimsuit options for that.

Originally Posted by Valias
We just had a long discussion about this in the Klingon forum here.
We never arrived at a conclusion in there, but the discussion was rather entertaining.