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01-11-2011, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Those aren't "flaps", it's a sleeveless coat as worn by Klingon officers. Here you can see how it is closed below the armpits. And here is a picture of the full coat.

Together with the iconic "cleavage armour" (a variant of which was worn by the Duras sisters) and the tunicless vest, the officer's coat is amongst my favorites as well. I can only hope we'll get it some day.

That said, there already is a thread for proposed KDF clothing options here in the Klingon forum.

Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
Honestly, if they don't open up race-specific items for Aliens, they need to make Alien-specific items; it doesn't make any sense for other races to be allowed to run around in their native gear while Aliens get nothing but standard issue KDF armor.
Meh, I disagree. Aliens are not and will never be their own species. It's a fact. The expectation that they should get the same amount of (or even more!) "attention" as the real species does strike me as somewhat excessive.

The sheer ability to roll a character that doesn't belong to the faction by default is already pretty much special snowflake (and something that should have rather been avoided for any faction other than the Federation).

That said, we two already settled for the compromise of unique alien clothes, I think. Certainly something I'd favor before it comes to unlocking all the other stuff. In fact, those alien characters might even look more fitting in new uniform options (like bodygloves or some of the currently inaccessible NPC plates) rather than standard KDF armour.
Although I did experiment a little with my Orion and actually managed to create something looking very un-Klingon with some of the more recent additions to KDF customization.