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01-12-2011, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
Tried to gather some samples for my BG in T'Ong Nebula. Very low rate of samples there
I'm not sure how samples drop in other places, but T'Ong doesnt seem that bad. You rarely get more 4 or more (the most ive seen is 5 I believe), but you routinley get 3 samples per drop.

There are several sample spawns, especially in the center cluster. They will generally rapidly re-spawn a few times before the spawn goes on a short cool down. I've had good look sitting on a spawn and find it is equally effective to stay on the move, making circuits of the known sample spawns. I recommend sample collection be done in a BoP, I just assum eit has some advantages du to its maneuverability...perhaps even acceleration.