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Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Another thing that I was playing around with: Kill a prisoner or a civilian. If you put a mastiff in a holding cell where it can't get to you to bite, then you can change the costume to anything else and choose to kill him/her. They can't fire back, so you'd essentially be murdering them in cold blood.
Try it and tell me if they don't magically teleport themselves out of the cage to bite you anyway. I can't recall which dev explained this to me, but I think the idea was that if an enemy-NPC is somehow blocked from getting at the player but are aggroed and within range, the enemy will attempt to super-jump at the player, and if all else fails, it'll transport itself to the player and fight the player anyway.

I did an experiment once. I placed a bunch of spiders, left them as spiders, in a building I made out of blocks so they were completely sealed. Then, I took one of those spiders and placed it within range of the spawn point. As soon as I'd spawn into the map and aggro that first spider, the rest of it's pack simply showed up and attacked me and my bridge officers. It was funny to watch, but unless explained in a story it would be immersion-breaking, especially if the story emphasized you could cold-bloodily kill someone in a cage only to have them appear by your side to bite you when you try it!