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# 1 Say NO to XP Boosting Items!
01-12-2011, 02:31 PM
So the thing that I was worried about here is the fact that these XP boosts bring us to a slippery slope. First come a few XP boosts, what's next? Damage boosts? Healing boosts? XP boosts are an ever-present item in many microtransaction stores, along with other gameplay changing items. While STO going F2P is perfectly fine, the store should not become a stereotypical F2P store. These XP boosts set a dangerous precedent for it becoming one, and I do not want the C Store to go down that path.

Here's a quote that puts it quite well:

Originally Posted by Fiorra
Sigh I hope this isn't just the start... I can see it now ( pots to increase damage and defense, pots to increase pvp damage, pots to help in raids) all available in the c-store... This is really a turn for the worse think though I hope am wrong

Original OP:

From the latest Engineering Report:

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
[*]Ways to boost XP gain while leveling up (new type of consumables)
STO does not need these. First off, this is a stereotypical microtransaction item - whether or not STO goes F2P, it's a money grab from the wallets of impatient/lazy/bored of the grind people. Secondly, the complaints about leveling speed on the forums are about the speed of leveling - and no, it's not because it's too slow.

STO does not need this gameplay affecting item in the C Store - or at all.