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01-12-2011, 02:37 PM
Oh, I dunno, I could see it useful for leveling the umpteenth alt. Especially for factions who are kinda on the lacking side when it comes to stuff to do. *ahem*

It's people's own decision, really. As long as those who do this do not complain about fewer content on maximum level compared to the progression up to this point ...
I mean, it does not really affect other people's gameplay experience, does it?

Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Heh the game is too fast as it is, there should be mandatory EXP reducing items:p
I'd actually like that as a feature! Why do you need someone else to scale down? A dropdown menu where you could go like "Oh I wanna take my old [insert former rank of choice here] ship and do some stuff" would be cool. As long as it's PvE only.